Choosing The Product
Timber Floors are able to offer a massive choice of product, but unless you know what you want, making the decision can be difficult. Here are some helpful tips.

 The Look  - Traditional, Modern, Contempory, Rustic or Period. The grade and finish of a floor can help create "the look".

  • Traditional - Darker coloured woods, oiled/wax finish.
  • Modern - Lighter woods. Lacquered finish, sharp lines.
  • Contempory - Bevelled edges (v-joints), coloured oils, long boards, exacting detailing.
  • Rustic - Varied widths, nail heads showing, splits and knots, oil/wax finish.
  • Period - Even width of strips or planks.

 The Subfloor  - Sometimes height restraints and subfloor can determine the choice of product and installation method.

  • Floating Floors - Laid down over a layer of cellular foam underlay or compressed acoustic fibre pads. Whilst the individual boards are fixed together, they are not nailed or glued to the subfloor. Instead they "float" over the underlayment like a raft. These are ideal for laying over concrete, chipboard, floorboards or any structurally sound, dry, flat floor.
  • Glue / Nail down floors - Boards over 6'' wide are best face nailed down, whilst narrower boards can be glued or secret nailed down.

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